4 tips that will help you choose the trustworthy contractor that your renovation deserves.

Ensure your renovation success with HL Remodeling’s guide on selecting a trustworthy contractor. Tips on reviews, certification & more.

Written By
HL Remodeling & Construction
Published On
September 24, 2022

We love talking about this because we know that for all clients, one of the major hesitations before starting a project is the fear of choosing an irresponsible and unreliable contractor without experience (and sadly there are many of them).

And it’s not something to take lightly, after all, what’s at stake isn’t just anything. It’s the appearance and the FUNCTIONALITY of your home, as well as the safety of you and your family.

So, in this article we want to avoid beating around the bush and give you 4 SUPER powerful tips that will help you find the best contractor for your renovation project.

In this article you Will find:

  • Tip 1: Check and recheck the testimonies of the contractor’s previous clients
  • Tip 2: Make sure that the contractor is certified by businesses specialised in quality control
  • Tip 3: Look at previous constructions they have done and at the amount of experience they have in the world of renovations
  • Tip 4: Select contractors that have a Showroom in your city

1. Check the testimonies of their clients. Let them tell you about their experience. Look for them on the internet and read or listen to what they have to say.

For example, we feel REALLY proud of being a 5-star business in the opinion of our clients and seeing it is easy entering our web site or searching for us on Google as “HL Remodeling”.

It’s as simple as finding what they have to say about us and it’s equally as easy to find the testimonies of any contractor that you wish to investigate.

If you don’t find ANYTHING about a company on the internet, red flag.

2. Make sure that the contractor is certified by businesses specialized in quality control. 

There are dedicated businesses that verify the quality of other companies, independently of the services they provide. This is great news because unfortunately, on the streets the charlatans are in abundance. And the world of construction things are no different.

These businesses include: BBB, Angi or HomeAdvisor.

The contractor/s you are considering for your renovation, should be endorsed by these companies and you should be able to see it on their own web page (if they have one, if not, RED FLAG), or you could even ask them for some credentials.

Example: These are our quality seals, and you can see them for yourself on our website

3. Look at previous constructions they have built and the amount of experience they have in the world of renovations.

The path that your contractor has followed before arriving at your steps is one of the greatest assurances and guarantees for success for your renovation.

See what they are capable of doing, designing, their projects, their “before and afters”. That way you will know whether what they offer is what you dream of replicating in your own spaces.

Ask them about their experience, years of service, the types of renovations, special orders, in other words… Become a spy, because at the end of the day, it’s in your own right to investigate the people who are going to come into your home. 

And lastly but not least. 

4. Preferably you should choose a contractor that has a Showroom in your city. 

The reason?

Because a company that invests and do their best in creating a space to show off their materials, designs, floor plans, projects… is a company that cares about improving their clients’ experience.

They’re also a contractor that doesn’t plan on moving anywhere, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you can count on them in the case of any problems or in another renovation you were planning on.