About Us

In HL we are more than a team, we are a family...

We dedicate ourselves passionately to remodeling and transforming your spaces, to giving it that WOW effect that you deserve, and to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in the hands of professionals.

We have worked together for several years, which means:

  • We know and TRUST each other.

  • We work under a precise calendar that shows each stage of your project.

  • Your happiness is our success, and we love to celebrate our successes as a team whenever our schedule allows us to do so.

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A story of reinvention

Leymir Rodríguez practiced her business administration profession in managerial positions in the world of gas and oil. Construction materials were always part of her work radar.

Leymir Rodriguez HL Remodeling and Constructions 11

Over time and after much experience, Leymir went from being in the corporate world to being part of the unemployed, and right there, when life gets small, the brave take more strength.

With her first clients, she founded a small remodeling company in 2012. Five years later, after a lot of work and endless experiences, and for personal reasons, this company was sold at its best moment.

But just 6 months later, she reinvented herself again by creating HL Remodeling and Construction.

With exceptional service and a highly qualified team, HL grew like foam. In 2019, the first Design Center was inaugurated. In 2021, they created a larger, more comfortable one equipped with the best materials near the City Center in Houston.

In 2024, they grow and expand their services to Austin, and soon, they will create their third Design Center.

Challenges? MANY. There are ups and downs, huge competition, contractors with bad reputations and deficient quality and cost services, changes in the world economy, etc.

However, from all of them, HL has had a learning experience and an opportunity for improvement.

Today, we are bigger and stronger and have the same desire and commitment to create the home of your dreams and transform your life and your spaces as we have achieved with hundreds of happy clients in these more than 10 years of experience.

We do business with love because we feel love for what we do

    We started our first remodeling company

    Driven by a passion for construction and a desire to provide exceptional service, we embarked on our journey in the home improvement industry

    This was a great year for us

    We sold our previous remodeling company, and inaugurated HL Remodeling & Construction.

    Another great year

    We opened our first Showroom as HL Remodeling & Construction.

    We survived a pandemic

    Not only do we care for the health of our clients and workers (in every project), but we also contribute to our country’s economy by generating new jobs.

    New Showroom

    We moved to a new Showroom, bigger, nicer and more comfortable. Worthy of the HL experience that we can offer you.

    Got a Project?

    The day you contact us to start the home project you deserve.

Our purpose is that you have a calm, smooth process, free of pressure and worries.

This is why we work very hard so that your remodeling process has:

  • Transparent Pricing

    We strive to maintain the integrity of our initial quotes, so you can budget with confidence.

    Remodeling Budget
  • Skilled Craftsmen

    Our team of responsible and detail-oriented contractors will treat your project as their own.

    LH Remodeling Team
  • Your Vision, Our Mission

    We treat your project as if it were our own, ensuring your satisfaction.

    you vision our mision
  • Expert Guidance

    Your assigned designer and project manager will be readily available to answer questions and provide advice.

    expert guidance HL Remodeling
  • Realistic Previews

    Our 3D rendering designs allow you to see your project come to life before construction begins.

    realistic 3d previews
  • Step-by-Step Support

    We will guide you through the entire process, offering advice and support at every stage.

    step by step support hl remodeling
  • Convenient Selection

    Find everything you need for your remodeling project in our well-stocked showroom.

    showroom hl remodeling

Are you an interior designer?

As an interior designer, your creativity transforms spaces into works of art. You envision the perfect harmony of style and function, crafting environments that inspire and comfort. Let us handle the logistics and details that bring your designs to life. Focus on your creative vision, and we'll take care of the rest.

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