5 tips to choose a contractor that you can rely on for your home renovation

Choosing the right contractor is key to a successful home renovation. Learn how to find a professional, experienced team that will deliver quality results on time and budget.

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HL Remodeling & Construction
Published On
September 7, 2022

It’s no secret that home renovations (either complete or partial makeovers), can be one of the most stressful times in a family’s life.

Unfinished constructions, over budget, low quality materials sold at premium prices, workers without experience… And that’s without considering that you’re opening your home to a group of strangers.

But we have good news. If you want to renovate your home but you’re indecisive on choosing the right contractor for your project, we bring you five tips that will help you recognize the professional, responsible, and qualified team you need.

How to choose the ideal contractor from my renovation


In this article you will find:

the 5 most common fears when choosing a contractor for your renovation and 5 solutions to avoid them from happening  to you:

Fear of:

  1. Being left hanging
  2. Having to make important decisions in a field I don’t understand
  3. Poor quality and lack of safety in jobs involving electricals, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  4. That the final costs will exceed the initial budget…
  5. That the renovation will take MUCH longer than estimated…

1. “I’m terrorized of just thinking they might ditch me before finishing the job”


Openly investigate the contractors that are providing your service and make sure they:

  • have years of experience in the field  to of construction
  • are certified by quality control organizations such as Angi, BBB, Homeadvisor.

For example: if you enter our websiteor if you look for us on Google as HL Remodeling, you’ll be able to see us on those platforms along with testimonies and five star reviews from clients we have served in just over 10 years.

This is a show of trust because no business with an impeccable career would put their reputation on the line by leaving a service unfinished with a result that was inferior to what was promised.

2. “I’m terrified of all the important decisions I will have to make in the renovation, leaving aside my own work to struggle in a field I don’t understand”


Hire a contractor that will commit to resolving ALL of the inconveniences that might come up during the construction and most importantly: rely on a Project Manager for your renovation. Who will direct and oversee the communication between all the teams that form part of your project, like musicians in an orchestra, as well as be the person responsible in the case of any issues.

This will save you unnecessary stress and anguish because you will feel safe in the hands of a professional. 

That’s why our motto is: Stay calm, HL will take care of it and resolve it as soon as possible.

3. “I’m concerned about the quality and safety of the workers involved in the electricals, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning”


Hire a team that has the necessary licenses for this field of work and has years of certified experience. Who will also renovate in compliance with the safety codes in your state.

We, for example, work following Houston’s codes, because that’s where we’re located.

4. “I’m worried that the final cost will exceed the initial budget that we made the contract on”


This is one of the most common fears found in badly planned renovations

The good news is that we have a simple solution for you:

choose a contractor that will offer a detailed plan with a FIXED initial budget that specifies each and every detail of your project and that will take on the expenses occurred due to any delays or inconveniences that are accountable on the contractor.

5. “I’m frightened that my renovation will take MUCH longer than was estimated”


Hire a team that will give you a detailed timeline that outlines what will happen on a day-to-day basis throughout your renovation and that commits to comply with it fully

A business that works with a plan, will reduce the probabilities of unnecessary delays in the final delivery of the project.

And maybe you’re thinking: “That’s easily said. But what happens if you give me a timeline and still don’t comply?”

For that, just hear back from that contractor’s previous clients. Look for testimonies and see from their previous clients  experience how committed the team is to meeting with deadlines.

Do you want to see an example?

Clients don’t lie and their satisfaction can be the best guarantee towards the success of your renovation. So, listen to them and they will tell you whether a contractor is deserving of your trust.